The purpose and significance of stone conservation


First, the root cause of various stone diseases is the formation of substances from the outside and immersed in various materials inside the stone. All the stone materials can be infiltrated. The types and extents of the diseases vary depending on the external environment or the material of the stone itself. If the stone disease is generated, it will take a lot of trouble to cure it. The most serious problem is The replacement of the already installed stone, especially in the stone in an important position in the building, has a long-term impact on the aesthetics of the building decoration.

It is the most effective preventive measure to protect the stone before installation. Correct construction and correct selection of protective materials can provide long-term protection for the stone.

Second, the current domestic stone installation is also inseparable from the wet paste method (that is, using cement and other materials to paste the stone on the ground or wall), including part of the wall and most of the ground. If the stone is not treated or if the correct method and effective protective material are not selected, the stone disease often appears at the end of the decorative construction. The main reasons are:

1. As the wet paste is accompanied by moisture, the various materials harmful to the stone (such as iron, manganese and silicate components) infiltrated into the stone inside the stone back are combined with the material of the stone itself to cause water spots and alkali return to the stone. , yellowing and other pollution phenomena.

2. Some water-based pollutants in the construction are immersed in the interior of the stone from the front of the stone.

These contaminants are difficult to clean and costly. Therefore, the protection of the stone and the protection is one of the essential procedures for stone construction.

After several years of stone installation, the front protection will be gradually weakened by natural factors. If the stone is installed outdoors, it must be protected twice in the future to fully protect the decorative value of the stone (especially The stone of the rough surface should pay more attention to the role of protection). The so-called "stone conservation" is the professional cleaning company through the special mechanical equipment, maintenance chemicals, special technology, dust removal, pre-mirror treatment, crystal hard treatment, waxing, polishing, etc., so that the stone reproduces brilliance, bright still ! The beauty of the stone is like the "skin" of the human being. It needs to be carefully maintained, and the beautiful face will not be lost with the change of the years. Because of the micropores naturally present in the stone, the smaller the pores, the stronger the surface adsorption effect of the capillary action. Many of the diseases of stone are "sick from the hole".

The traditional installation and use of decorative stone neglects the problems of cleaning, protection and maintenance. It is generally believed that the stone is strong, durable, hard and wear resistant. In fact, the bright effect of decorative stone is what people are pursuing. If it is polluted or worn out, the brightening effect will disappear. In the later period, it will cost money and affect the use. Some pollution is still irreversible. The decorative stone is not protected before installation. Maintenance and remedial measures should be taken to make the appearance as soon as possible. Protection and protection can keep the stone as bright as possible for a long time.

Third, the quality of protective materials should have the following characteristics: waterproof, anti-fouling, anti-sticking, non-toxic, tasteless, environmentally and health-friendly and easy to use, wide range of application, maintain the permeability of stone, does not affect the appearance of stone, etc. . However, the protective materials of any brand are not all-powerful. Different protective materials should be selected according to different stone needs. Even the same kind of stone will choose more than two kinds of protective materials for protection.

For more permeable stone or precious varieties, more stringent protection procedures are needed. In this case, not only the protective materials should be selected, but also the correct construction methods, methods and opinions of professionals should be selected to ensure the construction savings and efficiency.


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