Stone directly attached to the wall, what materials are used to handle safety and operation


As a new installation process, dry hanging stone curtain wall has reached a new level in appearance, durability, discoloration and flatness. It overcomes the defects of the traditional wet-wet method of stone. In the exterior wall decoration of large-scale civil buildings, it has become an increasingly widely-hanging stone curtain wall as a new installation process, which has achieved a new appearance in appearance, durability, discoloration and flatness. s level. It overcomes the defects of the traditional wet-wet method of stone, and is increasingly used in the exterior wall decoration of large-scale civil buildings.

1. The disadvantages of the traditional wet-paste process of stone curtain wall

In the past, no matter whether the exterior wall of the building or the stone stone plaque of the inner wall was installed, the old process of wall-and-reinforced steel mesh, fixing the plate with copper wire, and layering the cement mortar paste was used. The process has many disadvantages for the exterior wall surface, not only due to the precipitation of calcium bicarbonate (whitening cream) and water stains after the cement mortar is pasted, the wall stone is discolored, the color difference is formed, and the wall surface is contaminated; For other reasons, it is easy to cause quality problems such as hollowing, cracking and even falling off of the wall. For example, if the exterior wall decoration of Tianlong Building in Taiyuan City is used, the 600X600mm polished Jinanqing granite plate is used. Although the epoxy resin glue jointing and other measures are adopted during the installation process, it still appears after more than one year of completion. White, discolored, and partially hollow, cracked. To this end, the building has to take reinforcement measures, on each granite plate, two holes of φ8, the hole depth is 10cm, the upper oblique angle is 15°; the nail φ6.5cm steel pin, filled with epoxy resin, and strengthened After cleaning, it was re-cleaned. After this treatment, although the granite fascia is reinforced, the appearance is still not satisfactory. Another example is the granite exterior wall of the podium of the financial building in Taiyuan City. Due to the wet-paste process, whitening, discoloration, hollowing, cracking and the like are gradually appearing soon after completion.

2. Principle and technology of dry curtain method for stone curtain wall

In recent years, the stone slab dry hanging process has been developed and promoted. The principle is to set the main force point on the main structure, and fix the stone on the building through the metal pendant to form a stone decorative curtain wall. At present, the specific practices of dry hanging of various engineering stones vary from place to place. As far as the fixing technology of the pendant and the main structure is concerned, there are mainly two methods: First, all the shear wall structures can be directly fixed by the expansion bolts or the embedded iron pieces. Second, all the frame light wall structure, because the wall can not directly fix the pendant, it is necessary to fix the pendant by installing the metal skeleton; the metal skeleton is divided into two types: the steel skeleton and the aluminum skeleton. The former is low in cost, but It needs to be galvanized and anti-corrosive. The latter is costly because of the need to use thickening or aircraft materials. From the point of view of the fixing method of the board, there are two general types: First, the bolt type fixing method, the main components have pins and pallets. , bolts, pads and angle steel, the model of each component is determined by the stone weight, regional wind load and seismic load calculation. The structure is: first fix the angle steel to the skeleton or wall, and fix the pallet to the angle steel. The stone is connected to the pallet by pins. The pendant allows the sheet to be adjusted up and down in a small range to ensure uniformity of the seam and flatness of the panel. The other is the rear-cut dry hanging, also known as the stress-free anchoring dry hanging. The specific method is that a set of bottom extension anchors are supported by a convex joint and a stone joint and supported by a metal frame, which is safe, durable, and There is a great advantage in terms of convenience. According to the treatment method of stone joint seam: First, the seam is not separated, and the plates are naturally connected. The defect of this method is that the expansion and contraction of the sheet is limited due to the temperature difference, and it is not suitable for general use in the outer wall surface. The second is the seam. The gap of the sheet is usually 5~8mm. It is generally filled with foam strips and sealed with weather-resistant silicone rubber. The main advantages of the stone slab dry hanging method are three: First, it can effectively avoid the phenomenon of hollowing, cracking and falling off of the traditional wet-laid process, which obviously improves the safety and durability of the building; The phenomenon of whitening and discoloration appearing on the surface of the wet-laid process is conducive to keeping the curtain wall clean and beautiful. Thirdly, it improves the working conditions of the construction personnel to a certain extent, reduces the labor intensity, and helps speed up the progress of the project. For example, the Taiye City Anye Building completed in 1999, the building area of 26400 square meters, the total height of 98.2m, the façade granite curtain wall of about 7,800 square meters, all using plug-type dry hanging method construction. The granite light board is selected from 635# stone material in Nan'an County, Fujian Province, and the 635# fire burning board is used in the grid color. In the light wall of the frame, the 8# channel steel is the main keel, and the L50X5 angle steel is the skeleton for the secondary keel. The skeleton connection is welded. The weld height h=6mm, all the skeletons have been rust-proof. The components of the pendant are made of stainless steel, and the joints are made by the seaming method. The horizontal and vertical are 8mm. After being uniformly filled with foam strips, they are sealed with weatherproof silicone rubber imported from the United States. The construction process of the granite curtain wall of the project is: measuring the elastic line → installing the skeleton → installing the hanging piece → fixing the plate → adjusting → sealing the sealant → cleaning → acceptance. In order to ensure the quality of the project, during the construction process, special attention has been paid to the measurement of the discharge line, and the deviation of the main structure is controlled, distributed and digested, so that the verticality and flatness of the entire skeleton are strictly controlled within the allowable range. For the single board, the length-width deviation is required to be ±0.5 mm, the hole position deviation is 0.5 mm, and the hole depth deviation is 2 mm. The overall project of the building won the 1999 China Construction Engineering Luban Award for its excellent quality.

3, some practical thinking

3.1. Stone curtain wall is the peripheral structure of the building. As the connection quality with the main body of the building, it will directly affect the externality and safety of the stone curtain wall. Therefore, the connecting parts are commercialized and the production department has the production conditions. The professional manufacturers, according to the construction drawings provided by the owners, are of positive significance for improving the quality of the project and reducing the investment cost. 3.2. In view of the fact that stone curtain wall is more and more widely used, and the specific practices of various projects are different, the technical standards should be issued as soon as possible in the process design, construction and quality inspection, so that the design and construction of stone curtain wall Acceptance can be followed. 3.3. Although the stone curtain wall hanging method has many advantages, compared with the traditional wet-laying process, its cost is obviously high, which limits the further promotion of this aspect. Therefore, in addition to the scale of the production of pendants, so as to effectively reduce the cost of pendants, we must actively improve the construction technology to reduce working hours, reduce costs, and make the application of stone curtain wall hanging technology more common.


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