Advantages of marble composite panels


Marble is gradually favored by the decoration industry and customers for its natural materials and changing colors and textures. The country's marble manufacturers occupy half of the stone market, and the competition is fierce. In this environment where manufacturers are forced to reduce costs by doing everything possible, in addition to working hard from management, the mechanical equipment and processing technology are similar, so a new technology and new products in disguised thinking are born. Save costs from resources, from 1m2 to 3m2 or even 4m2. Combined with other materials, it not only improves the performance characteristics of the marble, but also retains the natural color and material of the marble. This is the new marble product – marble composite panels.

Marble composite panels, as the name implies, are made of marble and other materials that have been processed to have the original marble decorative properties. Natural marble is compounded with other materials using 2-3mm (specifically according to customer requirements). Including marble composite tiles, marble composite granite, marble composite marble, marble composite aluminum honeycomb, marble composite aluminum composite panel, marble composite foam aluminum and so on. According to the experimental test data and actual use, the marble composite board (composite stone) has many advantages in addition to the solemn and elegant quality of pure marble board.


Advantages of marble composite panels:

1, light weight:

The thinnest marble composite panel can be only 5mm thick (composite with aluminum composite panel). Commonly used composite tiles or granite, only about 12mm thick, saves a lot of cost in transportation, it is the first choice when the building has a load limit.

2. Increased strength:

When the marble is combined with ceramic tiles, granite, aluminum honeycomb panels, etc., its flexural, flexural and shear resistance strength is obviously improved, which greatly reduces the damage rate during transportation, installation and use.

3. Improved anti-pollution ability:

Ordinary marble original board (full body board) during the installation process or in the future use, such as cement wet, it is likely that six months or a year later, the marble surface appears a variety of discoloration and stains, very difficult to remove. The composite plate avoids this because the bottom plate is harder and denser, and there is also a thin layer of glue.

4, easier to control the color difference:

Because the marble composite board is cut into 3 pieces or 4 pieces with a 1 m2 original plate (through the body plate), it becomes 3 m2 or 4 m2. The pattern of 3, 4m2 is almost identical to the color, so it is easier to ensure the consistency of color and pattern when used in large areas.

5, easy to install:

Due to the above characteristics, in the installation process, regardless of weight, easy to break (strength, etc.) or color separation, the installation efficiency and safety are greatly improved, and the installation cost is also reduced.

6. Break through the restricted area:

The decorative parts of marble, no matter the inner and outer walls, the ground, the window sill, the porch, the table top, etc., the ordinary original board (the whole body board) has no problem, but the ceiling is no matter whether it is marble or granite. May take this risk. The composite board of marble and aluminum-plastic board and aluminum honeycomb has broken through the restricted area of this stone decoration. Because it is very light, it weighs only 1/5 to 1/10 of the body board. To decorate the ceiling with stone is none other than it.

7, sound insulation, moisture:

The composite panel made of aluminum honeycomb panel and marble has the properties of sound insulation, moisture proof, heat insulation and cold resistance because of the hollow aluminum core made of the equilateral hexagonal shape. Therefore, these characteristics far exceed the performance characteristics that the whole body board does not have.

8, energy saving, reducing consumption:

Because of its sound insulation, moisture resistance and heat preservation performance, the stone aluminum honeycomb composite board can greatly reduce the consumption of electric energy and heat energy after being installed indoors and outdoors.

9, reduce costs:

Because the stone composite material is thinner and lighter, it saves a part of the cost in transportation and installation, and for the more expensive stone varieties, the composite board is made to have different cost than the original board.

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